Bug Report

In case of bug or problem with DiskReport, please follow theses simple steps to diagnose the problem or send a bug report.

Where is my report

At the end of the run, diskreport.pl will give you the link to your online report.
If you don't have this link, open DiskReport configuration file to get your host id :

With this host id you can now access your report at the URL :
http://www.diskreport.net/report/YOUR HOST ID/view

In case of bug during the report generation :

In case of error during the report generation, please check that you have the correct dependency installed :

If it's still not workking, please send us a report with the output of the diskreport command, and informations about your operating system (

cat /etc/issue on a Linux
or Windows version). We will do our best to correct this quickly.

In case of problem when reading the report :

If you got an error on a page, please send us a report with the page URL, and the message (or screen-shot of the page)
If you think the report have a bad interpretation of your disk usage, please send us a report, and give us the report URL and an explanation of what is errornous in the report.

Here are a few explanations about some reports informations

File size

The size of files is not exactly the same : this is normal : DiskReport mesure the size of the file with the number of block*block size used on the disk. An empty file of 0 bytes is taking one block of space on the disk, DiskReport will report the size of one block. This is usefull for spare files : in some case a program can create a big file in size, but with nothing inside. And the effective size will grow only when writing in the file. DiskReport will show the real size on disk, and not the virtual size of the file.

Difference between space used and free space :

In some case a program can create a file, which is using space on disk. If this file is open by a program, and someone delete the file during it's use, the file will still be present on disk, but not visible. So the disk free space will not see the free space because the blocks are still in use, but the disk usage will not see this file, because there is no way to find it on the filesystem. As soon as the program which has open the file will close it, the blocks of this file will be free. You can check for files in this state with
lsof |grep deleted
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