DiskReport Standard Edition features

Cost Free

Usage of DiskReport Standard Edition is totally free !

You just need to create an account to declare you host, and run DiskReport with your host Id.

Your account will allow you to consult your online reports, and forbid other people to access it.

DiskReport online Demontration

To access demo, please use the demo account :

Password:  (demo)

Full hard-disk tree

The report will contains All files and folders of your computer. No restriction on directory size or tree depth.

Size pie chart

For each folder you will have a full pie chart of the size of each files or subfolders.

File count pie chart

Sometimes it is usefull to find the directory containing the more files. With DiskReport, for each folder you will have a full pie chart of the total file count recursively in all subfolders.

Support for multiple OS

DiskReport is available for many operating systems

No space is needed

DiskReport can be launch directly from diskreport.net, without downloading and installing it. This allow you to run DiskReport and generate an online report even if your hard disk is full !

More features coming next !

Fore more features, see DiskReport Expert Edition and DiskReport Enterprise Edition.

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