Why a new disk space usage analyser ?

My background

Since nearly ten years I work for a hosting company. In this company I had many jobs from system administrator to system architect.
A part of my job was to resolve incidents in 24/7. From simples one to far more complexes.

The fact is that 30% of incidents are disk space incidents. Theses incidents are quite simple, but due to the quantity of data on disks, it can takes a lot of time. And if we only clean a few files and folders without thinking of how and when the incident will come back again, it will come back.
So disk space incidents, are the most common type of incident, and without a good solution, can be the most recurring ones.

First tool developpment

As the company has thousands of servers, many OS (many Linux distributions, Windows, AIX, HPUX...), many clients with differents needs, I search a tool which was answering our needs :

They were existing tools, but none of them was answering all our needs.

So I create a tool which is dooing this job : help administrators find cause of the disk space problem, and give an easy access to our client to this report too.
This tool is in production since a few years, and as we also automate the treatment of some kinds of incidents, the usage of this tool is now fully automated to find space on servers, clean space, and give a report to the client if the only way to free space is to clean client datas.

As a system administrator, ingeneer, architect, I've seen a lot of incidents, including a lot of disk space usage incident. That was an occasion for me to learn a lot of things about all applications that can consume space, and about how to configure them to reduce disk space. This can go from cache directory for apt ou yum, WinSxS, MySQL binlogs or relaylogs, Oracle archivelogs, system logfiles, logfiles of other tools like Apache, Nginx, Varnish, PostgreSQL and many more...


After the experience I had during the developpement of this tool, I decide to write a new tool, but erasing everything and starting from zero, to do what I think is a far better version.
I've also put in this tool my knowledge about all causes of disk space usage incident. For each type of problems I've learn, DiskReport will show you how to clean disk space, or reconfigure your application to get a reasonable disk space usage.

Here are some of the advantages of DiskReport:


Many many other features will come next, as DiskReport is always in developpment. This will include :

As this tool is always in developpment, please feel free to ask or suggest new features : contact@diskreport.net

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