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Browse your directory tree

DiskReport is a disk space usage report tool to analyse your disk space usage.

Cleaning advice

DiskReport gives you cleaning advice to help you clean your disk space. It can be about OS updates packages, logfiles rotation, MySQL binary logs…

Disk usage history

History analysis reports allow to quickly analyse disk space usage variation since previous reports and find gorwing files.

Online report

DiskReport is an online tool to get a visual representation of your disk space usage.

No space needed

DiskReport can be run as one-liner command, usefull when disk is full. As the report is fully online you don't need space to archive reports.

Linux and Mac

DiskReport works on Linux and Mac !

Inspect your Docker images size

By just adding a single RUN at the end of your Dockerfiles, you can get a report of the size of your image at each build, and easily follow image size variations, to reduce your image size and reduce Deployments time/image pull delay. This can also improve you containers security, by helping you to clean surface attack of tools used during build and not needed anymore for production.